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Q. What can you find at SUG?

A. At SUG,  we provide women with upscale casual workwear that’s always cute and never boring!

Q. What sizes does SUG carry?

A. Currently we carry S-XL

Q. Does SUG plan on carrying smaller or larger sizes?

A. As manufacturers produce more sizes, we plan on adding to our collection. That said, our first priorities are quality and style. Then, we assess if we're able to offer a well-rounded collection of sizes. 

Q. What do you mean by "upscale casual"?

A.  We recognize that work clothes look different depending on the setting. At SUG, you can expect to see t-shirts and jeans, as well as trousers and blouses. At the end of the day, we want to show that "professional" clothes can take on many forms- and the wearer decides what that is!  

Q. Do you only sell work-clothes?

A. Ultimately, we provide business casual/workwear. However, our clothes can definitely be worn in many ways and in many settings.

Q. How do you pronounce SUG?

A. SUG is pronounced like: sug(ar) or Shug

Q. Does SUG have a storefront?

A. At the moment, SUG is an online clothing boutique only

Q. What is your shipping policy?

A. See here

Q. What is SUG's return policy?

A. See here