Q. What is SUG's mission?

A. SUG strives to be a size inclusive boutique who brings quality clothing that can be worn in a variety of settings. That means something you buy for work, can easily transition to dinner with friends or date night.

Q. What sizes does SUG carry?

A. SUG currently carries sizes S-3X?

Q. Does SUG plan on carrying smaller or larger sizes?

A. As manufacturers produce more sizes, we plan on adding

to our collection. That said, our first priority is quality; secondly style. So we consider those factors also. 

Q. How do you pronounce SUG?

A. SUG is pronounced like: sug(ar) or Shoog

Q. Does SUG have a storefront?

A. At the moment, SUG is an online clothing boutique only

Q. What is your shipping policy?

A. See here

Q. What is SUG's return policy?

A. See here