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Q. What can you find at SUG?

A. At SUG, we aim to bring chic, sassy, modern and versatile clothing to educators who love to look stylish inside & outside the classroom.

Q. What sizes does SUG carry?

A. Currently we carry S-XL

Q. Does SUG plan on carrying smaller or larger sizes?

A. As manufacturers produce more sizes, we plan on adding to our collection. That said, our first priorities are quality and style. Then, we assess if we're able to offer a well-rounded collection of sizes. 

Q. Do I have to be an educator to shop at SUG?

A. Of course not! Our owner is an educator who happens to also love fashion. Although we source items with educators in mind, our styles are applicable to women from many professions & walks of life.

Q. Do you only sell work-clothes?

A. No. SUG is a lifestyle brand. We plan to be the premiere fashion destination for educators inside and outside of the school building!

Q. How do you pronounce SUG?

A. SUG is pronounced like: sug(ar) or Shug

Q. Does SUG have a storefront?

A. At the moment, SUG is an online clothing boutique only

Q. What is your shipping policy?

A. See here

Q. What is SUG's return policy?

A. See here