What It's Like Working full-time Starting a Business

October 01, 2019

What It's Like Working full-time Starting a Business

I don't use the term side business or side hustle. Nor do say small business. Truth is I believe in my business. It's not something I do on the side. Nor is it something small. I like to speak into existence what I desire my business to be. My business is something I do in addition to. It's in addition to my day job. That doesn't mean it isn't hard. And, that doesn't mean one doesn't get more attention than the other at times.

When I first started SUG, I was super excited All I wanted to do was: look at styles, read articles, take notes, and post to social media. It was so new & I wanted to soak it all up. Problem was, and is, I have a full-time job that requires my attention.

Before SUG, I rarely had my phone out during the school day. I wasn't on social media (not really. I had started an IG in June/July 2018 to document a trip but hadn’t used social media in my daily life besides that). Everyone I knew was working just like me, so there was no reason to check it [social media] regularly. I created my SUG page before SUG was in existence. After I decided to launch, I would have my phone out at my desk. I would peek at it while walking around the class. I didn't have it out during lessons; but it was ever-present though. And I'd feel like a hypocrite telling students to put their phones away while using mine too. 

One day, I read or heard a passage that said something to the effect of, "Why would GOD bless you with more if you're not obedient in the place HE's currently called you to be".  I felt convicted because I knew I hadn't been doing my best at organizing my life. 

The other thing I had/have to be real about is the fact that my teaching job is funding my life. It pays my bills, provides health insurance, & gives me time off. Another insight I had was that I just wasn't using my time properly after work. When I got home, I'd be drained from working all day. Nothing after school would get accomplished (or not as much as I wanted). Then I'd feel like crap for not doing more. 

By the end of the school year, I started leaving my cell phone in my car. I made a concerted effort to focus on my teaching job while I was at work. It helped.

This school year, I’m no longer leaving my phone in the car. Honestly, my relationship with social media has changed. I would literally pray to GOD to not be a slave to social media because that’s how I felt. Then one day last summer, I just stopped posting daily. Then one day became two, and two days eventually became like several weeks of not using social media. It felt amazing to let go of the pressure. After my hiatus, I just don’t view it the same way anymore.

I’m in the process of creating systems/schedules around updating the website, ordering inventory, blogging, videos, photography, social media. That’s really the issue- the need to develop systems to manage all of the  moving parts of entrepreneurship. This is something you'll need to do if you're starting a business. 

One system that I have put in place is around time. I've routinely worked two jobs. I would work my teaching job during the day and another job at night. That is how I'm approaching my teaching job and SUG now. Days are for teaching; nights and weekends for SUG. And I would say that this “system” is still in its testing phase. For example, on Sundays I go to church, clean, wash, and if I can, I like to meal prep. After all of that, I still try to squeeze in SUG time. I’ve debated with the idea that Sundays are just for my life/home; no business stuff. However, I haven’t committed to giving up that time just yet.