Throwing a Launch Party in a Snowstorm- Part 2

January 04, 2019

Throwing a Launch Party in a Snowstorm- Part 2

I set the date for December 1st, 2018 and rented the private room. I invited about 40-50 people and got confirmation from about 28-30. Oddly, (or not so oddly) at some point after renting the venue, I thought to myself, "What if it snows? It will be December." I pushed the thought out of my head and continued planning.

Then, I had another thought/question. Something I should have asked before renting the venue. That question was, "What is a launch party?" That's when I started to get anxious. I became aware that I hadn't planned this event right. I realized what it “could” have been if I had slowed down. I understood how I could have marketed the launch as an opportunity to introduce SUG to the public and not just family and friends. But it was too late for all of that. First, the venue was too small for me to change the direction of the party. Secondly, the venue was not in an ideal location for the public to come. Thirdly, I hadn't -and- didn't want to budget such an event. So, I went ahead with the friends/family event.

A little over a week before the event, I checked the weather for my date. Of course, there was a storm in the pacific ocean, which meant we’d get snow in Minnesota. I started to worry even more, but prayed about it and tried to remain optimistic. I checked a few days later. It showed sunny skies. I was so glad! However, the forecast changed again. By the Friday before my party, it was confirmed that we’d get snow in the Twin Cities; not much though. On the day of, I held out hope that the storm would miss us. Nope! The storm tracked farther north than was forecasted. Around 3PM, it started snowing heavily for one or two hours. It continued snowing lightly for the rest of the night. The temps dropped too. The roads were bad, especially in the southern metro area. I knew I would get cancellations- and I did (about three; the rest were no shows).

I was so disappointed, but the party could not be cancelled. So, I got a pep talk from a friend, got my mind right, and went to my venue. It was nice and more spacious than I expected. That’s right, I rented the venue without seeing it first (talk about doing the most!). We set up, people arrived, I told my story, we ate, had a toast, had a fashion show, laughed, talked, and took photos. Out of 28 people, 19 were in attendance. Some had RSVP’d; some had not. I was so grateful for those who did show up to support me and my business. Especially, when I consider the weather. On the whole, I would say it was an enjoyable evening.

Do I have regrets? A little bit. One of the main things I think about is the money. I think about how instead of using the money on a party, I could have spent it on inventory. Truthfully, though, if there wasn’t a snow storm, I would not  be tripping about the money. I would be totally fine with it. So why not now? Honestly, for me, it’s about relinquishing control. And, it’s about trusting GOD and the entrepreneurial process. Accepting that I’ll take risks. Some will be good and some won’t. That’s just part of being a business owner.