Students Are Eager for Life Skills Classes

November 28, 2018

Students Are Eager for Life Skills Classes

Today one of my students asked if he could get help with his taxes. I told him that we (staff) could steer him in the right direction; we can even tell him how taxes work. However, we can't give him specific tax advice.

The student said that he's his own adult, he has earned $3000 this year and, no one will claim him on their taxes. I told the student he should see a professional. To which he replied, "I'm going to Jackson-Hewitt."  He mentioned a promo the company is offering. I cautioned the student about the actual fees that he could be charged. I then informed him that many organizations offer free tax preparation during tax season or completing a 1040-EZ form independently is another option as it's pretty- EASY. I ensured the student that when the time comes, I would help him figure out a plan. 

This short conversation between myself and one student, led to other students asking, "Why don't they teach taxes in school?" Many students chimed-in indicating that classes like taxes, time-management, & resume building should not just be taught, but such classes should be mandatory! In fairness, my school does have a Financial Literacy and Job Skills class. The students stated that needed more.

I started taking notes, literally. Classes students actually want! Little did they know, I'm in the process of creating such a class- one that teaches life skills. So, it was awesome to get their input in such an organic way. I appreciate that these students gave me some ideas to work with as I create my life skills class.