Things I Wish I knew Before Starting My Boutique

November 07, 2019

Things I Wish I knew Before Starting My Boutique

Hey ya'll as I approach my one year anniversary, I reflect on some of the great things I've accomplished but I also reflect on some of the mistake I made. I decided to create this blog post discussing the mistakes I made when I launched SUG. I want this blog to be a resource to others who are researching or just starting their boutiques.
1. Don't buy too many items

This is a wise even if you can afford to buy more. Don’t. Without a customer base, even if your items are cute, there will be no one to buy them! Makes so much since to me now, lol!


2. Listen to advice, but go with your gut. 

This . When I first started, I was on at least three platforms. I was on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest as well as writing my blog. It was too much but I was motivated. Most gurus will tell you to focus on one platform and master that. I don’t think they’re wrong. However, I followed this advice and found that it wasn’t the best fit with my personality and work ethic. I wish I would’ve continued with all of my platforms. Instead, I put more focus on Instagram, which I still haven’t mastered months later. Who knows if I would’ve mastered one of the others if I’d kept at them. Plus, I wouldn’t have put all my eggs in one basket. Essentially by using one platform, you decrease the likelihood for your business to be seen by your audience. I’m not blaming anyone. Ultimately it was my choice to hold off on the other platforms to focus solely on Instagram. I just wish I would’ve kept the momentum going with all of them, as it’s more difficult to get back into the routine. 


3. Build your audience before your start your business. 

Building an audience is way more involved process than this post allows. That said, people don’t just buy clothes because you modeled them and posted them to Instagram. Cultivating a trusting audience takes time, patience, and strategizing. 


4. Don’t buy merchandise because someone you know said the item was cute, especially if you’re having reservations about the purchase. 

Trust me, the person advising you isn’t gonna buy the clothes from you when you sell it. Only buy merchandise YOU feel good about. Also, I’ve found that if I’ve had reservations about an item, I don’t feel excited about selling it.


5. Don’t immediately mark down your items because they don’t sell. 

Figure out why they aren’t selling. For me, my items didn’t sell because no one knew my store existed. So, even if I marked things down, they still wouldn’t sell. Price was not my issue; brand awareness was.


6. Bonus: go into the business willing to lose money in the early stages. 

Be willing to spend money smartly so that you can learn from your mistakes early on. Look at money lost as a part of doing business.