Six Accessories That Every Woman Must Have

October 08, 2019

Six Accessories That Every Woman Must Have

At SUG we’re happy to finally be adding some accessories to our store! We thought it would be nice to create a list of our “must have” or go-to accessories that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Check out our list below!

A Belt

Belts in various sizes and colors are a great addition to any wardrobe. A brown and black belt in .75 to 1.5 inches is great for everyday wear. Skinny belts are nice to wear over cardigans or dresses. A wide belt is helpful when you want to accentuate your waist.  


Chic Hat 

A chic hat can make an otherwise boring outfit more interesting. Don't be afraid to play with different shapes and colors to complement your look.


Bracelets are a nice accessory if you prefer not to have most of your jewelry near your face. Bracelets come in so many shapes and finishes from cuffs to bangles. They come in metallic to beaded designs, so there’s something for everyone

gold black and silver metallic beaded bracelets


Earrings are queen of accessories! A good pair of earrings can accentuate your facial features, complement your hair style, or add a special element to your our outfit. Below we have our Triangle Tassel Earrings. I love that they're trendy without being too much.

Off-white tassel earrings


Not every woman carries a purse. However, there will probably come a time when every woman will need one. Whether it’s for travel or a special event, it’s probably a good idea to have at least one purse or go-to bag. The bag pictured below is our Kenzie Crossbody Wristlet. It's a great seasonal piece!

plaid crossbody bag wristlet


Scarves aren’t just for keeping warm! They can be a great swap for other accessories. For instance, instead of a hat, add a scarf to switch up your look. Or, ditch the necklace and opt for a scarf around your neck instead. Our Haley Fringe Infinity Scarf will make any outfit pop!

Black woman fringe infinity scarf beige