Our Favorite Color Trends for Fall 2019!

October 24, 2019

Our Favorite Color Trends for Fall 2019!

Fall arguably has the best colors- whether it be in nature or fashion. When I was sourcing for SUG, I was drawn to certain colors for fall 2019. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to find merchandise [colors] that fit my vision. In this post, I listed four fall colors that I really love this season. 

1. Chocolate Brown

I love seeing brown for fall as it's one of my favorite colors. Sadly, It's difficult to find cute & trendy clothes on brown. Hopefully, that change in the future. 

2. Hunter Green

This dark green color is a great alternative to black. It looks great with other colors like rust, tan, blush, and grey. 

3. Burgundy

A cross between red, purple, and brown, burgundy adds a great pop of color without being too overwhelming. 

4. Rust

This is my favorite color for fall 2019! Rust has a warmth to it. Plus, it really pairs well with other awesome colors like hunter green, navy blue, cream, and plum.