New Year’s Resolutions. No, New Year’s Goals!

January 01, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions. No, New Year’s Goals!

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions. I probably did in the past, but not anymore. I do make New Year’s goals though. In December 2018, SUG was barely one month old. At that time, I made personal goals and business related goals for 2019. A few of my goals were: growth (business), spiritual growth, and learning. All fine goals, but they’re extremely vague. When I reflect on if I met my goals for 2019, I can say yes to some and no to others. I know that I did a LOT of learning this year. I also know that my relationship with GOD is more important in my life than ever before. However, business growth did not happen (or at least not the way it could’ve). I’m not upset about it but I am making changes in my business- and, more importantly- my attitude. 

I believe that my attitude towards my abilities were holding me back in my business in 2019. I was truly operating from a place of self-doubt and fear. It affected how I showed up in my business. It affected how I planned for my business. It especially affected how I promoted my business. I was fearful of promoting my business because I thought I’d bother people. I was scared of showing up and doing something wrong, so I wouldn’t show up at all. I prayed for creative ideas but doubted that they’d resonate with people. As a result, I didn’t implement those ideas or gave up on them when they didn’t show immediate results. And so on… Another thing, I learned that I can get immersed in the “learning process” but seriously stifled in the “doing process” (which was based in fear too because it allowed me to stall). I am determined to leave those attitudes and behaviors behind.

As I create my goals for 2020, I am deciding to operate from a place of courage and optimism. I am showing up for my brand. I am planning ahead and not doing things on the fly. I’m living by faith but putting in the WORK! I read my bible daily. And, I’ve always leaned on my faith. However, I’ve learned (& continue to learn) how to apply biblical principles to my life. When I’m feeling anxious, I repeat Phillipians 4:13. When my mind starts racing, I repeat 2 Timothy 1:7. When feeling discouraged, I think on Jeremiah 29:11. Additionally, my goals for 2020 are actionable & detailed versus vague and undefined (that’s where the plans come in). No more just writing “growth.” What does growth look like? What do I have to do in real life to ensure growth? If I want my brand to actually grow and succeed, this has to be my way of thinking from now on. 

I know this is a bit of a ramble. However, whether personal or business, I hope that this blog has inspired you to make meaningful goals. I hope that it encourages you to live free of fear. I wish you a blessed, healthy, and loving 2020. Let’s go y’all!