Throwing a Boutique Launch Party in a Snowstorm - Part 1

December 19, 2018

Throwing a Boutique Launch Party in a Snowstorm - Part 1

From the beginning, I was on the fence about having a launch party for my boutique. Actually, my last statement is not totally accurate. I was okay with having the party, but I was never super excited about it nor did I know exactly what a launch party entailed. As a result, I went with my own understanding. 

The point of my launch party was to reveal my new endeavor to family and friends. I wanted them to know that I was embarking on a new business venture; a new life path. So, I wanted my launch party to be a celebration of sorts. Later, I learned what a launch party COULD actually be, which I'll get to in a bit. 

When I decided for certain that I would have the party, I set an "open" budget. Meaning: I knew what I believed was too expensive but no hard monetary limit was set. I had a vision for a theme- sophisticated casual. My plan was to rent out a local community center. We have some nice ones in our area that are reasonably priced. This is where I first started running into trouble.

A few problems arose while trying to rent the community centers. One: affordable center, but no alcohol could be served. This was a problem for me. Although, I didn't plan on having a full bar, I believed it was important to have a toast with alcohol. Two: alcohol was allowed, and the center was affordable. However, I'd need to hire an off duty police officer and go through the community centers' preferred alcohol vendor. This option basically negated the cost saving of said center. Third: I could serve limited alcoholic beverages, but the centers' costs were expensive. 

It was also important to me that food be served at my party. It's just how I grew up. You have people over- you feed them! You host them. So, after calculating all the fees for the community center, (officer/no officer, preferred alcohol vendor or self serve alcohol, and then food) I decided to go with a one-stop-shop and have my party at local bar that has private rooms. The price was comparable to what I would pay at the community when I factored in the officer, and self-catering. With the location secured, I was all set to plan the party!

Make sure you check out my next blog post to see how my boutique launch party turned out.