Beach Vacation Outfits

April 11, 2019

Beach Vacation Outfits

What you choose for your vacation clothing will depend on your personal style and the locale you’re traveling too. In addition, the season in which you’re traveling will play a part in what you should bring. Last but not least, local customs will also affect your travel attire.

My first Caribbean trip consisted of me packing a really small but “large makeup” bag worth of summer clothes, bathing suits, and sandals. The bag was so small that I couldn’t zip it. I used that bag mainly for airline restrictions which, unfortunately, didn’t allow me to pack super cute outfits.

If I ever travel to the Caribbean in the future,  I would still pack light but I would bring outfits that can be transitional from a day look, to a night out, or a nice dinner. Our Bisi Smoking Jumpsuit what be a great choice for a Caribbean vacation, beach vacation, or tropical vacation. I like Bisi for its bodice, which has a smocking detail. I also like that it can be worn on-the-shoulder or off-the shoulder. I also like that Bisi has pockets and that it’s lightweight. Bisi has a bit of a relaxed fit and pockets, which works well for daytime. So, if you’re doing some sightseeing, going out for lunch, or visiting museums Bisi will provide both comfort and functionality. However, add the right accessories and Bisi can be totally dressed up for a nighttime dinner or dancing.

If you’re in need of a swim cover up or coverage in general, the Latitude Striped Belted Kimono would be an awesome option. One of the best features of Latitude is it’s multi-color vertical stripes. Latitude has a lightweight material, so can be layered easily.  Tie the detachable belt for full coverage or remove the belt for less coverage.

Lastly, the Loungin Oversized Maxis are great because they can be worn on-the-shoulder or off-the-shoulder. Additionally, they can be tied at the bottom. Loungin’ is the perfect lazy resort days maxi dress. Loungin’ would work well as a travel dress too, as it has pockets and is super comfy!