Animal Prints

November 15, 2018

Animal Prints

I love reading about how animal print is on-trend this season.

Well, in our opinion, they never really went out of season! See, here at SUG we love animal print. Our favorite by far has to be leopard print. At this point, leopard basically works as a neutral. Whether it be shoes, scarves, cardigans, or any other item- you can't really go wrong with leopard print.

Another current favorite of ours is snakeskin print. This is another "on-trend" print that has never really gone anywhere. Snakeskin is a classic print (think: snakeskin shoes or snakeskin bags). Whereas snakeskin adds a touch of sophistication; leopard adds boldness.

If you're new to animal prints or a little apprehensive, start off small. Maybe wear a scarf, mittens, headband, or earrings. Additionally, shoes are always a nice way to introduce [animal] print into your outfit.

For those of you who area seasoned animal print wearers, our Meka Leopard Tie-Front Bell Sleeve Blouse adds the perfect amount of style and sophistication to your outfit. Alternatively, there's our Kestra Bell Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Blouse. Kestra is a great top because it can be worn off or on the shoulder, so it can transition easily from day to night! 

Whichever animal print you choose, I'm sure you'll look fab. Happy styling!