6 Stylish Flats That Every Teacher Needs in Their Wardrobe

September 23, 2019

6 Stylish Flats That Every Teacher Needs in Their Wardrobe

When I used to work nights at the thrift store, all of my thrift store coworkers knew that I also taught during the day. I remember one time these flats that I really liked came through donations.  One of my coworkers commented that they were “teacher shoes” and I cracked up like, “Yep!” They just had that...look. Y’all know the look...uninspired...boring. Flats get a bad rap- and some of them rightfully so. But, there are so many cute styles nowadays. Additionally, it’s just not practical for myself and many others who work on their feet to be in heeled shoes. I thought it would be fun to showcase some styles of flats. All shoes featured are from my personal collection, so I really wear these! I hope you enjoy and let me know your go-to flat when you're working.


1. Pointed Toe

A pointed toe flat will elevate a style from casual to dressy.  A few years ago, for the first time, I wore flats for a night on the town. I wanted to be comfortable and dressy. The pointed toe worked out perfectly. 

pointy toe shoe, frayed jeans

2. Animal Print

I love animal print, especially leopard. Regardless of your animal print preference, pick one to add some sass to your outfit. 

leopard flats, black denim skirt

3. Loafer

Loafers are great when wearing trouser pants or any time you want to look polished. 

black loafers, blue jeans
4. Peep Toe

Peep toe flats give off a flirty feel. I like wearing my peep toe flats with dresses or skinny jeans.

Peep toe flats, wide leg jeans


5. Metallic

Sometimes we need a gold or silver shoe. Metallic shoes are great because they serve the same purpose as neutrals but with more sheen.

gold metallic flats, faux leather leggings

6. Comfort  

Flats aren’t always comfortable. Whether it’s pinching your pinky toe, rubbing the back of your heels, or no ball support, some flats are just as difficult to wear as heels. No matter what shoes you wear, hopefully they’re comfortable. However, we know women will sacrifice style for comfort in a hot second (e.g. my pointed toe flats aren’t the most comfortable but they sure are cute)! That’s why it’s wise to have a go-to pair of comfortable flats. There are plenty of flats on the market right now that specialize in comfort in a range of prices. Find a pair that works for you and your budget.

red flats, blue jeans