2019 Trends that aren’t trends- they're classics!

November 05, 2019

2019 Trends that aren’t trends- they're classics!

Sometimes things are labeled a trend when they really aren’t. This is due to influence. If people or entities with influence (power) declare something as “trendy,” that idea gets adopted by the masses thus solidifying that item as “trendy”. However, there are some items that are considered trendy now that just aren’t. From my perspective, several items are classics. Keep reading because today I’m here to name a few items on the trendy bandwagon but should not be.

1. Headbands

Girl bye. I’ve been rocking headbands since high school. As an adult, it’s one of the many ways I wear my hair in a ponytail.  I have a whole bag full of headbands- some plain and others embellished. 

Black woman navy blue headband navy blue floral kimono gold hoop earrings pink shirt

2. Wide leg jeans or flare jeans 

I have always and forever loved a wide leg jean. I remember when skinnies hit the scene like seven years ago. I shunned skinnies because I loved wide legs. However, I eventually came around to love skinnies mainly because they became ubiquitous in every woman's clothing store. They essential replaced wide legs, bootcut, and other styles. I couldn’t find my beloved wide legs much if at all. So, although the resurgence of wide leg is a joyous change from the norm, I’d hardly consider them a trend. 

black woman white t-shit wide leg blue jeans red bandanna on head sun glasses leaning on wall

3. Fringe 

Although I do agree that fringe can be trendy. In general, I think it’s a classic. Simple fringe on a bag, the hemline or sleeve is a staple. Heavily fringed is more of a fad, in my opinion. 

black woman natural hair cream fringe oversized sweater blue jeans tan booties



4. Suiting or suit separates 

I just don’t understand this one. Women have been wearing suits for decades. I would imagine that suits are a seasonal item and would emerge more often starting in fall. Now, had this been suits in a certain style (belted jackets and high waist pants, for example; or funky patterned suits), I could get on board with this idea. 

black woman with a box braid bun leopard shirt burgundy cardigan and tan pants

5. Animal print

Now there is a caveat to this. Some prints aren’t as classic as others. For example, I remember back in the late nineties and early 2000’s, everyone was rocking the cow print and zebra print. I believe those prints are cyclical due to their boldness. However, most animal print- i.e. leopard/cheetah print and snakeskin print are timeless.

black woman natural curly hair leopard half zip fuzzy pullover black distressed skinny jeans black boots